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Mattamy Homes is Canada’s largest new home builder, with operations across Canada and the United States. From a humble beginning in 1978, starting with the building and sale of a single home in Burlington, Ontario, Mattamy has gone on to build more than 60,000 homes in 150 integrated communities, and counting . In Canada, those communities stretch across the Greater Toronto Area, as well as in Ottawa and Calgary, while in the United States, the company is represented in five metropolitan areas: Minneapolis, Charlotte, Phoenix, Jacksonville and Orlando.

Mattamy is involved in every aspect of neighborhood planning, from acquiring the land, designing the homes and striving to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The 750 people who work in Mattamy’s divisions and professional disciplines are committed to providing the best homeowner experience; Mattamy is universally recognized for its commitment to customer satisfaction, and continually ranks at the top of most homeowner satisfaction surveys.

Mattamy Homes' significant ongoing commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and going and beyond normal development practices and statutory duties, was most recently demonstrated by its participation in the ecoII Net Zero Energy Homes Community project. A national initiative, which will almost double the number of NZE homes in Canada, the project challenged select Canadian homebuilders to develop energy efficient residences that could generate as much energy as they consumed on an annual basis.
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Nov 26


Mattamy Homes showcases leading net-zero functions in new show home, spec homes

JOSH SKAPIN, CALGARY HERALD The first of Mattamy’s net-zero homes was unveiled last week as a show home, and four spec homes with the same energy-saving standards are expected to be ready in spring 2016. Cityscape is Mattamy’s first Calgary-based community, accessed off Metis Trail in northeast Calgary. Pricing on the net-zero homes is expected to be released sometime this week. “W ...

Nov 25


Stimulating Growth for Green-living

SAIT STORIES. Given the opportunity, most homeowners would gladly ditch their electricity bills by living in a net-zero abode - a home that produces as much or more energy than it consumes annually. Unfortunately, the high cost of custom building eco-friendly homes has historically kept them out of reach for the average homebuyer. The Government of Canada is now working to change that - and ...

Nov 25


Mattamy Homes builds first of 5 net zero energy efficient homes in Calgary

OR-POLITICS.COM CALGARY – Alberta homeowners may face up to $500 more on their utility bills when the new carbon tax takes effect, leaving many searching for ways to save on electricity and gas. That also has homebuilders searching for ways to make new home energy technology more affordable. Mattamy Homes showed off their new state-of-the-art, Net Zero energy-efficient home in the northeast c ...

Nov 25


Mattamy Homes卡尔加里能源自给住房完工 北美最大私人住宅建筑商Mattamy Homes 11月25日在卡尔加里正式庆祝能源自给住房(Net Zero Energy)完工。这是全国项目的一部分,让加拿大能源自给住房的数量翻番。这是Mattamy Homes所计划在Cityscape的NE社区在2016年春所完工的五栋楼之一。更多详细内容如下。 2015

Net Zero energy efficient homes ready for sale in Cityscape

COLLEEN SCHMIDT, CTV NEWS CALGARY. Homebuilders who are taking part in a national project to construct houses that produce as much power as they use are celebrating the completion of their first home in the northeast community of Cityscape. Mattamy Homes and its partners unveiled the first of five Net Zero homes on Wednesday ...

Nov 25


What's a net-zero home? Take a tour to find out

CBC CALGARY. Calgary has its newest net-zero home — one that's built to produce as much energy as it uses annually. "On a net basis we're not taking energy from the system," said Don Barrineau, the Calgary division president of Mattamy Homes, the builder behind the eco-friendly house. The 1658-square-foot home is in the northeast Calgary community of Cityscape. It features 40 roof-top ...

Feb 27


Homebuyers are real winners of sustainability strategies

BRYAN TUCKEY, THE TORONTO STAR. EnerQuality Awards recognize industry leaders for sustainability; Shannon Bertuzzi of Enbridge Gas Distribution took home Leader of the Year Award. Read More.

Feb 20


Sold on Cityscape's charms

JOSH SKAPIN, CALGARY HERALD. The Kainths were off to put pen to paper on an offer for a new house when they decided to make a quick stop along the way. They checked out a sales centre for a new master-planned community off Metis Trail in the city’s northeast called Cityscape. Read More.

May 8


Builder Goes For Green

CLAIRE YOUNG, CALGARY HERALD. A new Calgary community will host five energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes as part of a Canada-wide federal project to build more sustainable communities. Read More.

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