Building homes since 1973

Company founder, René Voyer, is considered by many in the industry to be a leader in Quebec home construction. The firm has earned many prestigious awards, including the APCHQ Palme Diamant and the title of Builder of the Year at the 2004 Domus gala.

Since it was founded, Construction Voyer has built over 6,000 residential units: single-family dwellings, condominiums and rental buildings.

Although the company originally earned its reputation primarily in Laval and cities along the northern belt, in 1998 it began expanding its activities onto the island of Montreal. René Voyer’s two sons, Jean-François and Pascal, the next generation of the company, have developed an expansion plan to extend activities into new territories.

The interests of the new management team make up an important part of this plan, particularly improving thermal efficiency and energy savings. The firm took measures to achieve these objectives by obtaining Novoclimat Membre Select accreditation from the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique du Québec.

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Apr 1


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Mar 11


Construction Voyer recognized by Owens Corning Canada and Natural Resources Canada for their contribution in an affordable net zero energy future for Canadians

On March 9th, 2016, Canada’s net zero home builders gathered in Ottawa, Ontario to celebrate the wrap up of the NRCan OC ecoEII Net Zero Energy Housing Project. Owens Corning Canada kindly recognized Construction Voyer, along with four other builders across Canada for their hard work over the past four years. A total of 26 homes were built in four provinces as part of the Net-Zero Energy H ...

Mar 7


‘Vision’ guides Construction Voyer’s co-owners

  MARTIN C. BARRY, LAVAL NEWS ONLINE Vision of the future The combination of experience and extensive knowledge worked well and provided Construction Voyer with the vision to see the potential future of house construction looming in the form of Net Zero – a concept that has gained the backing of major construction industry players as well as leaders in government.  

Mar 1


Laval developer builds homes with close to no energy costs

CTV MONTREAL. Hydro bills may be a fact of life but Laval developer Jean-Francois Voyer is hoping to change that. His company, Construction Voyer, recently completed construction on a six-unit condo called Net Zero Energy. “The principle behind Net Zero is to be able to produce as much energy inside the building or on the building itself as much as the whole building will consume throug ...

Feb 28



赵黎, RCINET.CA. 有没有想过每个月要付的电费账单是零?这是不是很让人开心的事情? 在人们对环保,对能源的意识不断提高的今天,越来越多的建筑商在推出节能的建设项目。 加拿大广播公司报道说,在魁北克省的拉瓦尔市(Laval),一个新开发公寓项目的主要目标就是争取让住户的电能消耗 ...

Feb 24


Un immeuble qui produit sa propre énergie

René Saint-Louis, Sur le toit et le mur extérieur sud de l'édifice, 146 panneaux solaires produisent de l'électricité. L'énergie sert aux besoins internes et les surplus sont échangés à Hydro-Québec contre un crédit de consommation d'électricité. Bien entendu, il y a davantage de surplus l'été que l'hiver. « Une journée froide comme aujourd'hui, le ...

Feb 23


Getting To Net Zero in Laval

JOEL CEAUSU, MONTREAL GAZETTE When Construction Voyer inaugurated six Net Zeo Energy condominiums in Duvernay recently, the 43-year-old firm was not introducing a new concept to the world. The use of high-efficiency materials and innovative building practices to drive down energy usage - and costs- is not new; individual elements like insulation, sealing techniques, solar power and high-effi ...

Feb 23


Media release: Construction Voyer unveils six Net Zero Energy condos in Laval

                                                                                               Media Release Construction Voyer unveils six Net Zero Energy condos in Laval (Februar ...

Feb 23


Communiqué de presse Construction Voyer dévoile six copropriétés à consommation énergétique nette zéro à Laval

                                                                                                 Communiqué de presse Construction Voyer dévoile six copropriétés à consomma ...

Feb 23


Une maison autosuffisante

ICI RADIO-CANADA.CA Une maison autosuffisante Produire autant d'électricité en un an qu'on en consomme, c'est maintenant possible. Un promoteur immobilier de Laval veut le démontrer en proposant un immeuble à condos à grande efficacité énergétique. Visite des lieux avec Vincent Maisonneuve.

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