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Net-zero energy: The future of homebuilding

March 11, 2016


Reid’s Heritage Homes is building affordable homes in Guelph that produce as much energy as they consume.

With its modern take on traditional craftsman-style architecture, it looks like a typical house in south-end Guelph’s Westminster Woods subdivision. However, step inside and you’ll soon learn that this three-bedroom back split is anything but typical. In fact, it may represent the future of homebuilding.

Beneath the façade of brick, stucco and vinyl siding is a net-zero energy home; featuring some of the latest innovations in building technology, the house is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year. Unveiled in September, it is the first of five net-zero energy homes being built in Guelph by Reid’s Heritage Homes as part of a national demonstration project intended to prove that affordable net-zero energy homes can be built on a community-level scale.

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