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True to Form

December 5, 2015


One of Reid’s Heritage Homes’ company core values is “we are world-class innovators.” And make no mistake about it – the company takes this credo seriously.

Case in point: Back in September 2014, Reid’s Heritage Homes became the first builder to break ground in a national net-zero energy homes’ demonstration project. Then, less than a year later, they opened the doors to the Net Zero Discovery Home and over 400 interested members of the public lined up for a tour. Any way you look at it, that’s an example of innovation at work.

The Net Zero Discovery Home is the first to be completed as part of the national demonstration project to prove that net-zero energy homes can be built on a community-level scale. The goal is to make net-zero energy homes – which can produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis – fully accessible and affordable to all Canadians.

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