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Net-Zero energy homes give as much as they get

by zero_adminzero_admin with 0 comments on Mar 22, 2016

Five home builders in four Canadian provinces recently set out to prove that it’s possible to build houses that produce as much energy as they consume, using existing technology and at a reasonable price.

The Net-Zero Energy (NZE) project has built 26 houses and condo units that will all be ready for sale and occupancy by summer 2016.

Michael Lio of Buildability Corporation, which managed the project says, “As electricity prices go up (and they are and they will) and as solar panel prices go down (and they have and they will) businesses and the public will increasingly adopt these measures. This initiative helped to debut the adoption process so in future, these measures can be adopted seamlessly….We have built a road through uncharted territory so that others can drive through effortlessly.”

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